White Fillings and Metal Free Crowns Available at Integrative Dental Arts

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White fillings and metal-free crowns can make it so that dental work is virtually invisible. If you need white fillings or are interested in metal-free crowns, Integrative Dental Arts in Agoura Hills, CA can help. Dr. Kathleen Carson is taking on new patients.

Need Dental Work? White Fillings and Crowns are Available

If you need to have dental work done, metal-free dental work isn’t just better-looking than the alternatives. Many dentists also offer this option instead of metal or silver dental work because today’s dental work materials are also better tolerated than the alternatives. Today’s filling and crown materials are considered to be much more bio-friendly options such as composite resin filling material and they are more recommended than the silver fillings people got in previous generations. In fact, there are many who believe that amalgam fillings aren’t just unattractive; they’re potentially dangerous to your health, especially long term as they contain mercury, one of the most toxic substances on earth.

Benefit from Tooth Colored Restorations

Tooth colored dental work and tooth colored restorations are better for your health, better for the environment, and they last longer, too. Old silver fillings required more of the patient’s healthy tooth be removed for fillings than today’s options, too. This means that teeth filled with today’s dental materials will be stronger because of the way they fit into the teeth, not requiring the undercut that metal fillings required.

Today’s modern dentistry options and materials are better-tolerated and look better; this has led to many people with silver fillings and crowns to contact cosmetic dentists about restorations. Because amalgam fillings can have toxic implications, safe removal is important. At Integrative Dental Arts we can also help with amalgam filling removal, done carefully and safely for the patient, our staff, and for the environment.

The Importance of Crowns in Dental Work

Crowns can also be done without metal, meaning they are more attractive and can blend in with the rest of your mouth. Crowns are important in many situations, such as root canals, because a tooth that has had a root canal is significantly weaker than it was. A tooth colored crown caps your tooth and helps lower the chances of fractures due to the fact that the natural tooth is, essentially, a shell. Beautiful customized crowns done in our dental office. Our crowns are tooth-colored and without unattractive metal wires at the bottom. They blend beautifully with your teeth!

Reasons to Choose Integrative Dental Arts

Dr. Carson and her team do great work with white fillings and metal free crowns. We have received a number of positive reviews and testimonials from those who have seen Dr. Carson for restorative dentistry where old crowns and fillings were replaced by more attractive and healthier options.

The Integrative Dental Arts team strives to give you a beautiful and healthy smile that you can be proud of. Whether you need new fillings or are looking to have old fillings removed and replaced with tooth colored fillings or you are interested in crowns, Dr. Carson would be pleased to meet with you. Our Agoura Hills dental office provides convenience, comfort, and a caring team of dedicated dental professionals who strive to make every visit as comfortable and productive as possible. We also offer dental financing. Whether you need a little bit of dental work or are looking at full mouth reconstruction, we would be happy to offer you a consultation.

Check out our smile gallery, success stories, patient testimonials, and video testimonials to learn more about why patients are so happy with Integrative Dental Arts.

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