tmj and ear pain

Use this Natural Remedy to get rid of your Ear Pain for Good

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An earache can be miserable. It could be caused by something such as an infection, an accumulation of wax in the ear, a foreign object becoming lodged inside the ear, or as a symptom of strep throat or a sinus infection. However, there’s one cause of ear pain that has nothing to do with any of those issues. Your neuromuscular dentists in Westlake Village at Integrative Dental Arts want to explain how TMJ disorder can cause ear pain, and how we can provide relief through a natural remedy.

Let’s learn about how TMJ disorder can affect the ears

TMJ disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder, happens when the temporomandibular joint itself enters a state of dysfunction. This joint connects your jaws to your skull on either side of your head. When it becomes damaged or falls out of alignment, the problem soon can radiate throughout your body, affecting your jaws, head, face, neck, and even the back and shoulders. 

TMJ disorder can impact your ears as well. Ear-related symptoms of the ailment can include ear pain, ringing in the ears such as tinnitus, or dizziness. Maybe you are suffering from some of these issues and have sought the care of both your general physician or an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist but struggled to find relief. Your symptoms may be caused by TMJ disorder.

Think you may have TMJ disorder? A neuromuscular dentist can help!

In fact, there’s no other medical professional who is better prepared to identify and treat a case of TMJ disorder than a neuromuscular dentist. Accurately diagnosing TMJ disorder can be challenging because the symptoms of the ailment can vary so widely from person to person. Neuromuscular dentists, however, go through rigorous training and education following dental school to learn the principles and techniques of the specialization. Neuromuscular dentists use their training to find or restore the optimum alignment of your bite and jaw. Once proper alignment has been achieved, this alleviates the stress on the temporomandibular joint that is causing your case of TMJ disorder.

Dr. Kathleen Carson has studied neuromuscular dentistry and other advanced techniques of dental science at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, which is considered the pre-eminent institution for post-graduate dental education. She holds the prestigious distinction of LVI Fellow, which is achieved after completing 279 hours of continuing education and passing a comprehensive exam.

Natural relief for your ear pain in Agoura Hills

Our holistic approach to dentistry and treatment seeks to restore balance to the mouth for patients suffering from TMJ disorder. We prefer to treat this ailment through oral appliance therapy, which entails crafting a custom-made mouthpiece that is unique to your own teeth and mouth and provides maximum comfort and effectiveness. This mouthpiece applies gentle pressure to guide the jaws into their preferred alignment. We also have had success prescribing a course of myofunctional therapy to help patients with TMJ disorder, which consists of a series of simple, painless exercises working the orofacial muscles to better position the lower jaw into proper alignment.

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