systemic screenings

Systemic Screenings

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At Integrative Dental Arts, we take a holistic approach to treating each of our patients. What this means is that we believe in a strong connection between how oral health affects overall health, and vice versa. We provide systemic screenings in Agoura Hills and Westlake Village so that we can better discover how your oral health is impacting your entire body. These simple tests can reveal a lot about your health. Based on our findings, we can work collaboratively with other healthcare providers to ensure you get on your way to living a healthier life.

What Are Systemic Screenings?

At Integrative Dental Arts, we offer and recommend at times, a variety of systemic screenings that help us in making a proper diagnosis, and deriving a treatment plan. These screenings are painless and easy. Often, we can tell a lot about your health just by testing your saliva. These screenings can easily be conducted during your routine dental checkup appointment. Be sure to ask us about a systemic screening during your next visit, or you can schedule an appointment today if you would like to receive a screening before your next scheduled visit.

Why Are They Helpful?

When we are looking at the whole body, we need to take into account all factors that could be contributing to the problem source. These tests could range from CRP, HbA1c, which are precursors for heart disease, to finding out the specific pathogens in your mouth through a saliva test. There is a lot our body tells us and when it is out of balance, these tests, among others, help us find the balance.

Other Examples:

  • Salivary diagnostics (HPV, PerioPath, oral cancer risk, and detection)
  • Cortisol
  • CRP/ HbA1c
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Biocompatible material testing (helpful for using dental materials that will not cause an allergy or immune response)

Who Should Get Systemic Screenings?

We believe that every patient could benefit from our systemic screenings. Knowing if you have a precursor for diabetes, heart disease, or other inflammatory markers could really change how you decide to live your life. You may wish to make specific lifestyle changes now so that you can avoid or significantly lessen your risk of diseases later in life. Also, if you suspect that you might have one of these diseases or would like to rule it out, then a systemic screening may be right for you.

Many inflammatory diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, can take a toll on your oral health. Because of this, it is good information for you and the doctors to know whether or not you are at risk. The results of your systemic screening could also impact your oral health routine, and how often you receive dental care. For example, patients with diabetes often need dental cleanings and checkups more often to maintain good oral health.

Systemic Screenings in Agoura Hills, Westlake Village

If you would like to learn more about systemic screenings or to schedule an appointment to get started, please contact Integrative Dental Arts at (818) 889-0400. We provide systemic screenings to patients living and working in Agoura Hills and Westlake Village.