Systemic Screenings

Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills and Westlake Village, CA

What Are Systemic Screenings?

At the Connection of Agoura Hills, we offer and recommend at times, a variety of systemic screenings that help us in our diagnosis of treatment.

Why Are They Helpful?

When we are looking at the whole body, we need to take into account all factors that could be contributing to the problem source. These tests could range from CRP, HbA1c to finding out the specific pathogens in your mouth through a saliva test. There is a lot our body tells us and when it is out of balance, these tests among others, help us find the balance.

 Systemic Screenings Agoura Hills CA

Other Examples

Salivary diagnostics (HPV, PerioPath)


CRP/ HbA1c


Inflammatory markers

Biocompatible material testing