Ulcers and Periodontal Disease

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Mouth ulcers might be something you expect to see as a side-effect of severe gum disease but many wouldn’t connect the dots between periodontal disease and stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcers caused by the H. pylori bacteria could increase your risk for cancer. Studies have shown an increased risk of H. pylori infections in those who have gum disease, particularly those with gum pockets 5 mm or greater. At Integrative Dental Arts in Agoura Hills, California Dr. Kathleen Carson  offers gum disease treatment and prevention, helping you avoid the far-reaching effects of gum disease as well as the many associated health problems.

Periodontal Disease Boosting Ulcer Risk

A number of health problems and risks are associated with untreated oral bacteria. That oral bacteria can lead to sore gums, tooth loss, bone loss in the jaw, osteoporosis, blood sugar elevation, respiratory infection, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and more. Deep gum pockets where bacteria can get trapped could increase your risk of H. pylori due to an ongoing infection brewing in your mouth and continually entering your bloodstream.

gum disease and ulcers

Integrative Dental Arts Can Help You Reduce Risk of Complications Associated with Periodontal Disease

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