Pregnancy and Periodontal Disease

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Periodontal disease is connected to a number of oral health problems and also is a risk factor for very serious health problems. During pregnancy, oral health is also important, not only to the mother but to the growing baby.

Pregnancy gingivitis is a common problem during pregnancy and it’s one to take very seriously. Your oral health during pregnancy could have an impact on your growing baby. Dr. Kathleen Carson and the rest of the oral health team at Integrative Dental Arts highly recommend that women who are trying to conceive make an appointment before becoming pregnant with their dentist to ensure that their oral health is in good order.

A dental cleaning could be a great proactive approach to help you minimize the potential of oral health problems during your pregnancy. Periodontal disease could result in a number of problems and complications.

Potential Complications for Pregnant Women with Gum Disease

Hormone levels do have an impact on your mouth, including causing swelling, bleeding gums, and other problems. Due to the continually changing hormone levels during pregnancy, many women start to experience new or increasingly problematic oral health problems during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Gum Disease

Integrative Dental Arts Can Help with Oral Health

Our Agoura Hills dental team can offer you cleanings, pre-pregnancy exams, and help you with non-invasive periodontal treatments and other dental options that can alleviate discomfort and help you ensure your oral health doesn’t pose a risk for your unborn baby.

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