risk of diy braces

Risks of DIY Braces

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You are probably aware that there are many projects you can do yourself, without the need for hiring a professional. Not only do DIY projects save you money, but you feel a sense of pride for having accomplished a significant task all by yourself. But, there certainly are instances in which only a professional should handle the job, such as braces.

Have you heard the most recent craze? Littering the internet are ideas and ways to treat oneself with braces. While this idea may seem appealing since it certainly is cheaper, your Agoura Hills dentists advise otherwise, and here is why.


Orthodontic treatment involves a great deal of precision. A specific amount of pressure must be applied to each tooth needing correction, and if this is not achieved, then treatment may end up being ineffective. DIY braces are known for providing temporary results, which means that your teeth are likely to revert to their normal positioning shortly after the bands are removed. This basically results in a waste of time and money. Orthodontists use a combination of braces and retainers to achieve results for the long-term.


To straighten teeth, the braces must apply a specific amount of pressure as determined by an orthodontist. However, DIY braces are not customizable, which means you could wind up having too much pressure on teeth that need little to no pressure at all. Ultimately, this could result in damaging your teeth or causing them to fall out! Teeth need to be moved slowly, something your Agoura Hills orthodontist knows how to do, unlike DIY braces that may move your teeth too quickly.


You probably already have decided that DIY braces are not going to be the safest, most effective way to straighten your teeth. But, DIY braces are also downright dangerous because they likely may not hold together well, which means you could end up swallowing materials that fall apart, causing you harm.

Professional Orthodontic Treatment

If you have ever given it any thought to have your teeth straightened, choose an experienced dentist in Agoura Hills such as the ones on staff at Integrative Dental Arts. We offer discreet methods of teeth straightening that do not involve the shiny metal brackets you may remember from years past. 

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic choice among teens and adults, it utilizes clear plastic aligners that are comfortable and practically invisible to others. By applying gentle force intentionally to specific teeth, Invisalign will slowly guide your teeth into perfect alignment. Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign usually lasts about 18 months but may vary depending on each case.

Six Month Smiles is another option offered by your Agoura Hills dentist at Integrative Dental Arts. This form of braces uses tooth-colored brackets, wires, and bands, instead of the metal ones used with traditional braces. Six Month Smiles also uses gentle pressure to guide your teeth into perfect alignment. Deciding which method is right for you will require an assessment of your teeth and bite, as well as your oral health by one of our professional dentists.

Orthodontics in Agoura Hills

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