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Probiotics to Amp up your Oral Care Routine

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Health-conscious individuals have been aware of the merits of taking probiotics for years now. Referring to bacteria and yeasts that can benefit your gut health, probiotics usually are associated with maintaining or improving your digestive system. Did you know, however, that oral probiotics that benefit your mouth are available as well? Integrative Dental Arts now offers ProBiora, a line of oral-specific probiotic products that can benefit your oral health. Here’s how it works.

What are oral probiotics, and what do they do?

Your mouth contains both good and bad bacteria. An oral probiotic contains the same beneficial microorganisms that exist naturally in your mouth. Consider adding an oral probiotic to a diligent regimen of dental hygiene that includes daily brushing and flossing, in combination with regular visits to your dentist in Agoura Hills for check-ups for a healthier smile, fresher breath, and whiter teeth.

The Food and Drug Administration has yet to issue findings on oral probiotics but several scientific studies have been done on these good bacteria and determined a significant list of potential benefits:

They can prevent the build-up of cavity-causing plaque. A surplus of good bacteria in the mouth can limit your vulnerability to cavities. A study published in 2016 evaluated patients who took a good bacteria called A12 and, in as little as one month, experienced a significant reduction in a harmful bacterium that converts sugars in the mouth into lactic acid that can deteriorate tooth enamel.

They reduce bad breath. Multiple studies have found that taking probiotics limited the severity or frequency of various forms of halitosis (bad breath), including morning breath. Research on the relationship between probiotics and halitosis is ongoing, however. 

They reduce symptoms of gum disease. One rather widely acknowledged benefit of oral probiotics is a decrease in inflammation, especially in cases where patients are dealing with chronic inflammation caused by gum disease. Separate studies that had participants take probiotic supplements and drink milk that contained probiotics, respectively; both found that inflammation in the gums reduced by a significant degree. Another study conducted in 2006 determined that individuals who took a probiotic supplement noticed a dramatic reduction in the severity of symptoms of gingivitis, the initial stage of gum disease.

Integrative Dental Arts now offers ProBiora products

We are excited to begin spotlighting some of the products we have available for our clients if they are interested in taking steps beyond basic dental care to improve their oral health. The ProBiora line of products is a series of probiotics that combines three strains of beneficial bacteria, including a patented blend of probiotics called ProBiora Pro® that offers support to your tooth and gum health while also promoting fresher breath and whiter teeth. We are proud to offer ProBiora as part of our continuing commitment to biological dentistry, which seeks to provide care for the overall person and not just treat specific issues related to the teeth and mouth. Taking ProBiora regularly can help with halitosis, gum disease, inflammation, and extend the benefits of a professional dental cleaning by reducing your risk of developing cavities or gum disease.

Ask about ProBiora at your next appointment at Integrative Dental Arts or, if you need an appointment, call our office at (818) 889-0400.

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