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Getting Dental Care in Agoura Hills without Insurance

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While our country’s approach to health insurance is still up for debate, dental insurance often takes the back burner for many people, especially those with families. While your employer may offer dental insurance as part of their benefits package, it may not be affordable. On the other hand, some people choose to ignore their oral health, opting to save money by not paying their monthly premium. But, sooner or later you will find yourself in the dentist’s chair needing treatment.

Can I go to the dentist without insurance? Is a question many people ask. The answer is, yes, but you would be responsible to pay for the cost of treatment. Here is the kicker, ignoring your oral health and skipping out on those routine checkups and cleanings only lead to problems. A neglected mouth is prone to decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. While these problems can be rectified with restorations or tooth replacement, these treatments cost far more than preventive care such as routine dental cleanings and examinations. While you may not want to have to foot the bill every six months for that cleaning and exam, we are here to assure you it is well worth the cost to safeguard your oral health from needing extensive treatments later on.

Here are some ways that you can financially prepare for your dental visit if you do not have insurance:

Save Money

The American Dental Association recommends everyone visit the dentist twice a year to receive a routine exam and cleaning. Since you already know to expect this visit once every six months, find out how much the visit will cost you and start saving now. Depending on the cost of your visit, you may only need to save as little $10 a week! Skip lunch out just one time each week, and that savings will add up quickly. That way, you are prepared by the time your six-month checkup rolls around, and you can pay for your visit without any stress.

Financing Options

Some dental offices may offer special financing, discounts, or payment options that help to pay for your routine visit a bit less financially burdensome. To find out about your payment options, simply call the dentist office to learn more.

Health Savings Account

If you enroll in an employer-sponsored benefits program each year, you have probably heard of a Health Savings Account. It is an account that allows you to set aside a predetermined amount of money from your paycheck, completely tax-free! The account auto-debits from your paycheck, and can be used for health-related expenses for you and your immediate family. If you do not have this benefit offered by your employer, you can find your own separate plan.

Practice Prevention

Of course, the adage of prevention is worth a pound of cure rings true for even our oral health. Since dental repairs may be costly, practice good prevention efforts of brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and keep up with your routine dental visits, and you may be able to postpone needing that expensive dental work later on.

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