Natural Facelifts

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Many people are looking for a natural facelift. What many people don’t expect is to be able to get a facelift through oral-facial therapy. There is a new form of therapy known as myofunctional therapy that can impact the face and the smile so that there are improvements on the inside and outside of the face.

Good facial form occurs as a result of a balanced dental-facial skeleton. It allows for proper blood supply to ensure proper functions. What many people deem as “unattractive” often occur as a result of unbalanced features. It can cut down on the quality of life and increased health care costs.

Some people have a weak chin, buckteeth, underbite, overbite, or a face that could be easily described as “horsey” or “bulldog.” These are facial features seen in both children and adults.

Most people don’t want to spend the money for a facelift with a cosmetic surgeon. There are a variety of side effects with these surgeries and they can come at a premium cost. Additionally, they are not covered by insurance in any capacity, which means that the expense is completely on the patient.

What leads to a poor facial appearance?

The solution to receiving a natural facelift is to impact the dental-facial skeleton. A balance needs to be achieved in order to make the adjustments on the inside of the face so that they shine through on the outside. This is done through the process of myofunctional therapy.

It all begins with understanding anatomy. Below the surface of your face are layers of muscles. These are anchored to the skeleton. Each muscle plays a major role within your life, allowing you to eat, drink, speak, smile, swallow, and generally express feelings.

Through the law of form and function, the tongue on the inside, as well as the lips and cheek muscles on the outside, are capable of shaping your appearance. This is why the myofunctional therapy is being used in more cases than ever before.

The swallowing function can impact the dental-facial form considerably. It is a function that we don’t think about very often, but it is complex, involving both the mouth and throat muscles, as well as the tongue. On an average day, a person may swallow 1200 times or more. If you were to do 1200 sit-ups in a single day, imagine what your abdomen would look like.

Now, if you were to swallow incorrectly, and be doing so from a very early age, it is going to impact the way that your throat and mouth muscles form. You may be able to get food down and communicate, but the side effects of swallowing improperly may include a disfigured jaw and face.

An Abnormal Swallow (AS) can have significant effects on your appearance.

It can result in fatigue, teeth grinding, snoring, wear and tear on the face, and impact appearance in such ways as:

  • Deep chin cleft
  • Wrinkles around mouth
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Bad bite
  • Chapped lips

There is often a tug of war going on behind the scenes that most people don’t realize. An abnormal swallow is almost always as a result of an over or under active tongue.

If the tongue is strong, it is likely going to be overactive, pushing the teeth outward, creating an open bite, a weak chin, and potentially gaping lips. If the tongue is weak, the front teeth may push inward, crowded teeth may occur, and there may be wrinkles around mouth, neck pain, and even clicking jaw joints.

Whether the tongue is overactive or underactive, it can lead to various other complicating factors. This includes bad habits such as finger sucking and lip biting, mouth breathing, swollen tonsils from allergies and food sensitivities, obesity at any age, a sedentary lifestyle, poor head posture, and even tongue thrust.

What is the solution?

Myo-Functional Therapy (MFT) is a natural solution that provides physical therapy exercises as a way to balance the time and ensure that the orofacial muscles are working in harmony with each other. When the exercises are practiced with diligence and done properly, myofunctional therapy is a strong nonsurgical solution that has been able to clear up a variety of the dental-facial conditions, thus improving the appearance of the face.

Many people have noticed that their face becomes more symmetrical, neck alignments are more accurate, and the jawbone and chin become more prominent.

Treatment begins after a baseline questionnaire, an examination and diagnosis, as well as looking at diagnostic records of current conditions, which may include dental x-rays, dental models, and CT imaging of sinus airways, head-neck alignments, and other details.

If you are interested in exploring a natural facelift, the solution may be closer than you think. There is no reason for you to go under the knife in order to improve your appearance. When the solution has to do with the way you are swallowing, and the way that you are moving your tongue on a daily basis. If you were to go under the knife with a standard facelift, your actions of swallowing may result in your appearance changing shortly after the surgery, which means that you spend all of that money on a surgery that isn’t going to be permanent.

When you are in Agoura Hills, California, you can explore the natural facelift easily by stepping into a holistic dental practice such as Integrative Dental Arts.

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