what natural dentistry can do for you

What Natural Dentistry can do for You

what natural dentistry can do for youThousand Oaks, Westlake Village and Agoura Hills, CA

Natural dentistry focuses on maintaining or improving the health of the entire body, not just the health of the teeth and mouth. If you are undecided regarding whether natural dentistry is right for you, take a deeper look at what you can expect if you seek the services of a natural dentist in Agoura Hills.

Here is a look at several common dental issues, and how they are treated within the confines of natural dentistry.

Metal fillings have been used in traditional dentistry for decades. Once considered the standard option to restore teeth suffering from cavities and tooth decay, these fillings now are considered to be unsafe due to the presence of mercury, which could make up as much as 50 percent of the composition of an individual metal filling. Mercury is highly toxic and, if present in a filling, then mercury vapors are released every time you eat, drink, and perform oral hygiene. These vapors then are absorbed into the bloodstream, where an accumulation of mercury exposure can lead to physiological, neurological or immunological problems—especially in children, as their bodies and brains are developing.


Natural dentistry strives to maintain a metal-free practice. Fillings used are made of a composite resin that is sure to be free of mercury. Many practitioners of natural dentistry also can replace existing metal fillings with beautiful new composite fillings that can be color-matched to be indistinguishable from your other natural, healthy teeth.

During this replacement process, the natural dentistry team at Integrative Dental Arts can perform mercury removal to ensure no unnecessary exposure to this harmful substance occurs. Precautions taken during mercury removal include measures to prevent mercury from entering your body or by inhaling mercury vapors while the old filling is being removed.

Root Canals – Just Say No

A root canal is a longstanding staple of dental science and is performed on a tooth that has sustained serious decay to prevent total loss of the tooth. Many natural dentists, however, do not recommend root canals. One of the widespread tenets of natural dentistry posits that root canal therapy will not be completely effective unless the canals are completely sterilized and cleaned to eliminate bacteria, which is considered to be almost impossible to do.

No Fluoride Use

You probably have known about fluoride, and its touted dental benefits, for quite some time. After all, this compound has been used for generations in dentistry as a preventive measure against tooth decay. Many natural dentistry practitioners warn against any type of fluoride ingestion, even fluoridated water. They cite research linking ingested fluoride to cancer rates and other bone disorders. An over-intake of fluoride also can lead to fluorosis, a cosmetic issue where near-permanent white deposits form on the surfaces of teeth.


In addition to maintaining a metal-free practice, natural dentistry also stresses the importance of an environment free of BPAs. Short for Bisphenol-A, BPA is contained in many dental materials and plastics. Natural dentistry prefers to use biocompatible materials that do not cause harm or adverse reactions in the body.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a popular choice for natural dentistry. Ozonated water can be used as an irrigation solution during periodontal treatments, extractions, and even can be prescribed as a post-procedure treatment to minimize pain and inflammation. In many cases, the use of ozone can prevent tooth decay and even reverse its effects.

Natural Dentistry in Agoura Hills

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