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Is your Child an Athlete? Make sure they always Wear a Mouthguard

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The majority of school-age children and adolescents participate in some sort of sport or athletic endeavor, according to a study conducted by Project Play in 2016. Is your child one of them? If so, you want them to be protected against injury. That’s why, for every game and practice, your family dentists at Integrative Dental Arts recommend that your child wears a sports guard to protect their teeth.

In contact sports, injuries are part of the game

It doesn’t really matter what type of sport your child chooses. In any endeavor, you’re going to have a risk of injury. The American Dental Assistants Association estimates that there are 15 million dental sports injuries in the United States each year, resulting in 5 million lost teeth. Dental sports injuries usually are severe, resulting in a cracked or broken tooth or often dental avulsion—the clinical term when a tooth is knocked out completely from the mouth. That also often means a trip to the emergency dentist, which is going to be expensive and probably inconvenient.

A sports guard can make a big difference in preventing dental injuries

Athletes who don’t wear mouthguards while competing are more likely to crack a tooth or experience an even worse dental injury—usually because of a collision with another athlete, a piece of equipment, or some type of apparatus involved in the sport. More disturbing news: according to a study by the American Association of Orthodontists, 84 percent of children participating in organized sports do not regularly wear mouthguards.

Not all sports guards are created equal

When it comes to a mouthguard to protect your athletic child, you get what you pay for. A ready-made mouthguard is the cheapest option. It comes in just three sizes and may not fit well in your mouth, therefore compromising the ability to prevent injury.

A boil-and-bite mouthguard can be customized, to some degree. You buy it, take it home, heat it, and then bite down, allowing the guard to mold and shape to your child’s unique mouth and teeth. If you do opt to go this route, look for a guard that has the American Dental Association seal of approval on its packaging.

Then, there’s a custom-made mouthguard, which is the highest-quality possible option. These sports guards are made by a dentist or a dental laboratory from the unique impressions of your child’s teeth and mouth. They provide the maximum levels of both comfort and protection.

Sports guards in Agoura Hills

At Integrative Dental Arts, we offer the Pure Power Mouthguard for athletes of any age. These mouthguards look like the mouthpieces you can buy at your local big-box or sporting goods store, but they are a cut above with regard to quality. Not only is the Pure Power Mouthguard made with higher-grade materials, but it is constructed from impressions of your child’s mouth to ensure the snuggest, secure, and comfortable fit possible. The original designers of the Pure Power Mouthguard examined the relationship of the jaw, teeth, and facial muscles. When worn, this device protects against dental sports injury while also bringing your jaws into the proper alignment. Wearing this sports guard also helps improve breathing and posture, both of which can help your child perform better!

Make sure a sports mouthguard is part of the required equipment for your child, no matter what sport they’ve chosen. Call (818) 889-0400 to schedule a consultation at Integrative Dental Arts today if you’re located in the areas of Agoura Hills and Westlake Village in southern California.