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Curing Migraines with an Adult Palate Expander

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If you have been living with migraines, you know about the pain they cause and how the onset of a migraine can disrupt your daily life. Finding relief for migraines can be difficult, but a new method is gaining increasing popularity among dentists—the use of an adult palate expander.

How can an adult palate expander cure headaches? It all starts with the development of the face and jaws.

Your head and face comprise a complex system of parts. In the Western world, where it is estimated that as many as four out of every five people breathe “incorrectly” through the mouth, a common consequence of this mouth breathing is hindered facial development. This means having a longer face, underdeveloped jaws, and more narrow dental arches.

This underdevelopment of the face and jaws can lead to the development of bad habits, also known as mal-adaptions, causing a virtual domino effect of problems affecting your face, mouth, and health. For example, if your jaws are undersized, this may not leave enough room in your mouth for the tongue—which can obstruct the airway and cause a sleep breathing disorder such as sleep apnea.

One mal-adaption easily can create another; any hindrance to your breathing may lead your body to adopt a compressed neck posture, as you attempt to open your airway and keep your tongue from collapsing into your throat. This new posture, however, can place a constant and inordinate strain on the muscles and nerves of your neck, possibly causing the development of migraine headaches.

Relief can come from an adult palate expander such as the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA). Also referred to as the Controlled Arch Appliance, this device encourages bone growth in the jaws and face—even in adults—and without more intensive procedures to achieve similar results, such as orthognathic surgery.

This device provides subtle stimulus to soft tissue in the upper jaw, also known as the maxilla. When this stimulus is generated, the body responds by depositing bone to the area in the same way your body deposits bone to repair a fracture. In this case, the bone is deposited into the maxilla, the mandible, and elsewhere in the face.

The adult palate expander is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, as courses on the device have been taught at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute, considered the pre-eminent post-graduate institution for dental study in the country. At Integrative Dental Arts, both of our dentists on staff—Dr. Kathleen Carson and Dr. Cristina Markiewicz—are Fellows at the LVI. Adding the adult palate expander to our list of available services is just another example of how Integrative Dental Arts continues to innovate by offering the latest techniques, procedures, and tools at the forefront of dental science.

Non-invasive Migraine Treatment in Agoura Hills

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