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The Benefits of Metal-Free Fillings

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You may have heard them referred to as silver fillings, amalgam fillings, or metal fillings. By whatever name, these fillings have been used in dentistry for more than a century—and they actually represent a threat to your health and wellness. Read on to see why Integrative Dental Arts works at the forefront of dental science by offering safe removal of metal fillings and what we offer in its place.

Amalgam fillings contain mercury, and many people do not even realize it 

The dangers of mercury exposure have been well chronicled. This element can be a powerful and dangerous neurotoxin that can lead to neurological and immunological issues, as well as the development of chronic illnesses and mental disorders. However, a recent poll of people in the United States found that 72 percent of those who responded were not aware that dental amalgam fillings contained mercury. In fact, mercury may comprise as much as half of the total composition of an amalgam filling. When you eat and drink, these fillings can release mercury vapors, which then are absorbed into the bloodstream. For individuals who chew gum, regularly drink carbonated beverages, or grind their teeth, this mercury exposure can increase exponentially—as many as five times more, according to research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Mercury used in dentistry also poses an environmental risk. The EPA recommends the use of amalgam separators to catch and hold amalgam waste, minimizing the release of mercury into the sewer system. However, these separators are optional and not required by law.

Other nations have enacted regulations and passed legislation to ban the use of amalgam fillings in dentistry, although these actions have not occurred in the United States yet. In fact, the official positions of both the American Dental Association and the Food and Drug Administration found that amalgam is a safe material to be used in dentistry, although the WHO believes otherwise.

Safe removal of silver fillings in Agoura Hills

At Integrative Dental Arts, we offer dentistry with a holistic approach, meaning that we use only fillings that are metal and mercury-free. Furthermore, we can safely remove your silver or amalgam fillings in a safe manner to protect you, our staff, and the environment. In fact, Dr. Kathleen Carson of Integrative Dental Arts is one of the only dentists that are SMART certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology in the Agoura Hills and Westlake Village areas of California.

We opt not to expose our patients to the potential risks associated with using mercury and offer tooth-colored fillings made of a composite material. The benefits to these fillings are numerous. They will not cause your teeth to crack due to temperature changes that occur in the mouth when you eat and drink. These fillings also can be matched to the shape and color of your other healthy teeth. Installing them, which entails bonding them directly to your tooth, preserves more of the natural structure of your tooth, as compared to amalgam fillings. And, best of all, they contain zero mercury—eliminating the health risks—and are metal-free, making them ideal for patients who suffer from a metal allergy. Composite fillings also are biocompatible.

To learn more about our metal-free fillings, the safe removal of silver fillings, or our overall commitment to promoting whole health through dentistry, please contact (818) 889-0400 to schedule a consultation.

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