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Four Reasons to Consider Metal-Free Dentistry

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For years, whether you were looking to repair damaged or decayed teeth or achieve straighter teeth through orthodontics, having dental work done involved getting a mouth full of metal. No longer. At Integrative Dental Arts, your holistic dentists in Agoura Hills believe in maintaining a metal-free practice. Read on to learn four reasons why you should consider seeking the care of a metal-free dentist in Westlake Village.

Metal-free dentistry means less discomfort 

Millions of people already feel nervous or outright afraid over an imminent dental visit, and one of the major causes of this dental anxiety is the fear of anticipated pain, or a fear of the unknown – not knowing what to expect during a procedure. Metal-free dentistry means you feel less discomfort. By working with composite fillings made from resin, less existing tooth structure needs to be removed, which means less drilling. If you had braces, you may remember the brackets and wires poking your cheeks or irritating your gums. At Integrative Dental Arts, we offer metal-free orthodontics through the Invisalign system, which uses several sets of transparent plastic aligners to straighten teeth. These aligners won’t cause discomfort the way braces often do.

Metal-free dentistry is safer 

Traditional dental fillings are made out of amalgam, the composition of which could include up to 50 percent mercury. There are significant health risks for mercury exposure, especially for children, with potential neurological and immunological consequences. These health threats are absent from the composite fillings used at Integrative Dental Arts. Our fillings, Invisalign orthodontic treatment, and all-porcelain crowns all are safe for anyone who suffers from a metal allergy as well.

Metal-free dentistry poses less risk of damaging your teeth 

Because less drilling is required prior to placing a composite filling, there is a reduced risk of the procedure compromising the structural integrity of an otherwise viable tooth. Amalgam fillings also can put excess pressure on your tooth; they expand and contract in response to temperature changes in the mouth, which occur during normal eating and drinking. This expansion and contraction could crack the filling or do additional damage to the tooth. A composite filling will not react to these temperature changes, minimizing the likelihood your restoration may crack or fail.

Metal-free dentistry looks more natural

Metal restorations, even well-crafted ones that are placed by an experienced and skilled dentist, stand out as dark spots in the mouth. They can be noticed easily and compromise the overall appearance of your smile. By contrast, our composite fillings and all-porcelain crowns blend seamlessly into your mouth. These restorations can be matched to the shape and color of your other healthy teeth, making them indistinguishable. The same goes for Invisalign, as the aligners that are used to straighten your teeth are transparent.

Metal-free dentistry in Agoura Hills

Maintaining a metal-free practice is just one of the ways that Integrative Dental Arts is committed to our holistic approach of dentistry, caring not just for the teeth and mouth but your overall health and wellness. Not only do we work with metal-free restorations and orthodontic treatments, but we also can remove and replace older metallic dental work. If you would like to have your old metal fillings removed safely in Agoura Hills, we can help. To learn more about our treatment philosophy, our services, or schedule a tour of our facility in Agoura Hills, contact us by calling (818) 889-0400.

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