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A new era of dentistry is evolving from the common “drill and fill,” mechanical type of treatment to a more biologic phase, known of as integrative dentistry. The integration of techniques and high tech materials has led us to biological dentistry. Integrative dentistry merges some ideas, treatments, and techniques of traditional dentistry with a more comprehensive approach. Over the past 150, discoveries have been made that support the idea of a more holistic approach to dentistry and how our dental treatment is directly related to our overall health. The integrative approach in dentistry does not just treat the problem at hand, but also focuses on how the treatment affects the immune system and the rest of the body.

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History of Integrative Dentistry

Scientists and dentists have long since recognized the adverse effects medical techniques and materials have on our bodies. In the late 1800’s the National Dental Association (NDA) backed the claim that mercury fillings were harmful to our bodies, and they later mandated against using mercury fillings. Over time, several countries such as Sweden, Germany, and Austria, have also banned use of mercury fillings entirely. The next breakthrough in dentistry was around the 1930’s when Weston Price, a dentist, along with Francis Pottenger, anthropologist, discovered a connection between tooth decay and misaligned jaws, which affected the processing of food when chewing. This is where the idea of biological dentistry began, taking into account how dental treatment and materials affect our health. It was in the 1940’s that studies emerged supporting the facts that fluoride potentially poses a danger to our health. Since then, most of Europe and Asia have banned the use of fluoride in their drinking water. Another development has proven the connection between focal from root canals and residual infections around the extraction site of a tooth that has been removed. History has shown us how dentistry is directly related to our overall health.

What is Functional Integrative Health?

Integrative dentistry is not only handling the typical dental problems, but it combines this idea with the consideration of how each technique and materials directly affect one’s health, specifically the immune system. Integrative dentistry also strives to achieve aesthetics while using relatively nontoxic materials that are biocompatible for each patient. The main question a biological dentist will consider when treating you is whether or not the treatment will enhance your overall health, not just your teeth or jaws or will it contribute to health stressors. In general, materials used for dental treatment is known to be compatible with the masses, but does not take into account each individual’s health concerns or needs. Sure, we all have a similar make up, but no two bodies are exactly alike. Hence, the importance of material testing, which takes a small sample of blood serum from the patient to be sent for lab testing and ensure compatibility of materials before proceeding with any dental treatment.

In today’s world, Integrative dentistry is linked to Probiotic dental medicine, which means supporting life. The idea is to treat the patient by using techniques and materials that will have the least amount of impact or disturbance to their immune system. Biological dentistry has been used in Germany for more than 25 years now and were being taught and practiced in the U.S., Austria, England, France, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, Sweden, and Colombia. Integrative dentistry uses physiologic and electronic methods of identifying disease that would otherwise be difficult to determine by using standard dental methods. Other treatment techniques used on biological dentistry are homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, physical therapy, and herbology. More cutting edge techniques of modern sciences include neural therapy, hematology, immunology, and electro-acupuncture. When undergoing treatment from a biological dentist, each patient will have a treatment plan developed specifically to them, which may include a combination of methods previously mentioned.

We have safely removed many amalgam fillings in Agoura Hills and we continue to research the health risks of this type of filling and what procedures can be done in order to limit your exposure to mercury and provide you with the highest level of health. Mercury free dentistry is possible, and it can improve your overall health.

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