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FOY Dentures®

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You might be eating healthy and exercising regularly to keep your youthful look, but have you thought about your teeth’s appearance? That’s right, a person’s jawline can make him or her look years older than they really are. It’s what the Agoura Hills Dental Arts’ dentistry experts behind the FOY Dentures® call jawbone deterioration and it’s not pretty.

We all know that as we get older, our bodies change. Things start to shift, sag and loosen up. The same goes for our teeth. As we begin to lose them, which is a natural process, our face becomes, in a way, shorter… just like we become shorter in height. Suddenly, it looks like there’s more skin surrounding our face, more folds around the mouth area and more skin hanging down right under the chin, which is miles away from the firm, smooth jawline of the young.

So how does jawbone deterioration happen? The Integrative Dental Arts experts explain:

Basically, your teeth are attached to bone material that’s used to being stimulated when you chew and bite while eating. But when we start losing our teeth and opt for regular, traditional dentures, our teeth don’t get that same stimulation because those traditional dentures rest on top of the gums. In other words, there’s no pressure to the jawbone anymore, which makes patients look years older.

Get rid of your jowl, turkey neck or droopy skin, with non-surgical FOY Dentures®

Look younger and always be the most confident person in the room, thanks to FOY Dentures®, a non-surgical way to fight back as a denture wearer. Get great facial support, stability, and a younger looking appearance. Your expert dentist at Integrative Dental Arts will make sure your FOY Dentures® are positioned at just the right height, in a forward position, ensuring original proportions:

  • No more sunken look
  • Affordable, non-invasive
  • Custom-made, just for you
  • Look like yourself, only younger
  • Improved fit and function of dentures

Not all dentists are experts like Dr. Carson

Behind the success of the is the true expertise of neuromuscular dentistry which helps determine the ideal height of your dentures. After countless years of neuromuscular study and experimentation, Dr. Carson has mastered the technique to deliver consistent, quality results from start to finish in the FOY Dentures® process. The staff at Integrative Dental Arts combines that knowledge with dynamic impressions that are taken while you move your mouth to create the ideal and most perfect set of FOY Dentures® for you.

So for a better fit, better support, and a youthful appearance call for your FOY Dentures® at Integrative Dental Arts today at (818) 889-0400.