Integrative Dental Arts Offers Natural Headache Therapy

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Headaches and Your Jaw

Are your headaches connected to your jaw? They might be. Many people don’t realize that jaw and head pain can be connected to the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). TMD is a disorder of the TMJ and it can have many negative side effects including face and jaw pain as well as headaches. Other problems that could be causing headaches may be able to be dealt with by a skilled dentist. Pain doesn’t have to continue to hamper your health and wellness and with the right dental treatment you soon may be able to stop taking so much pain medication, too!

In the past, many TMD sufferers were limited to night guards to help keep their jaw optimally positioned. But the Natural Headache Therapy approach, offered at Integrative Dental Arts, can help you through a variety of drug-free approaches that can help eliminate pain associated with jaw positioning and other dental issues such as the result of old dental work, amalgam fillings, bone deterioration, and age.

Integrative Dental Arts and the Natural Headache Therapy solution

Dr. Kathleen Carson or Dr. Markiewicz can help you with a Natural Headache Therapy assessment and a personalized treatment plan that leverages advanced sports medicine to help you overcome these problems. Talk to us about your options today or visit Integrative Dental Arts Headache Relief for more info about Natural Headache Therapy.

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