Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion in Dentistry at Integrative Dental Arts: No Drills, No NumbingThousand Oaks, Westlake Village and Agoura Hills, CA

One of the things some people dislike about going to the dentist is the idea of, the feel of, and / or the sound of the drill. For most of us, that’s a sound synonymous with the dentist’s office and for some, it’s a source of dental anxiety. Air abrasion technology means that this doesn’t have to be the case.

In some situations, a drill doesn’t have to be used to remove tooth decay. Air abrasion technology in dentistry allows your dentist to remove tooth decay without a drill and many times without the need to get you numb. Dr. Kathleen Carson at Integrative Dental Arts in Agoura Hills, CA leverages air abrasion technology, an element of micro dentistry. It’s not used in every filling but if you have shallow and minor tooth decay, you could be an excellent candidate for this method of removing tooth decay without a dental drill and without the need for dental freezing.

About Air Abrasion Tooth Decay Removal

Air abrasion involves spraying away tooth decay with compressed air and fine particles while simultaneously catching any removed material with suction. The air abrasion instrument allows your dentist to target tooth decay early on, minimizing the need to remove a lot of the tooth to get the decay out. This is considered a very safe tooth decay removal method and people who have experienced it often provide highly positive testimonials.

Air Abrasion Pros and Cons

Beyond the fact that this offers an alternative to the drill, another plus on the pro side, air abrasion often doesn’t require anesthesia.

Air abrasion can have the positive side effect of additional productivity, too. Because of the fact that air abrasion is quick, if you have more than one small cavity to be filled, your dentist may be able to take care of them all in one appointment.

Another benefit is the fact that less of your healthy tooth will be lost. This micro dentistry procedure allows Dr. Carson to remove less of your tooth in order to remove the tooth decay.

Those with dental anxiety find that seeing a dentist who leverages air abrasion find their trips to the dentist much less stressful, too. Children also benefit from this method when cavities are detected early because it can improve the child’s experience in the dental chair by lowering the anxiety associated with sounds and with dental freezing.

In terms of cons of using air abrasion, most dentists agree there are very few drawbacks. While the patient needs to wear protective eye gear, the procedure is generally well-tolerated. Some patients experience some sensitivity during the procedure. This procedure is not suitable for removal of amalgam fillings. Safe amalgam filling removal is done at our Agoura Hills, CA dental office, but not with air abrasion technology. Large or deep cavities will most likely require that your dentist perform the filling with the traditional drilling method.

Air Abrasion: For More than Just Cavities

In addition to removing tooth decay, air abrasion can also be used in other dentistry areas, including to remove composite white fillings as well as to lightly sand away surface stains along with helping dentists prep the tooth areas for composite bonding material or dental sealants. Cosmetic dentists like Dr. Kathleen Carson can use it to aid in a number of cosmetic dental procedures.

Why Choose Dr. Kathleen Carson at Integrative Dental Arts

Dr. Kathleen Carson leverages a number of cutting edge pieces of dental technology in her Agoura Hills, CA dental office. She and her team strive for minimally invasive comfortable dentistry procedures that maximize oral health and beauty while also being productive and cost-effective.

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