Dental Services Agoura Hills

Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and Agoura Hills, CA

Do you want the best looking and healthiest smile possible?

Our friendly and experienced dentistry team at Integrative Dental Arts wants the same for you. Dr. Kathleen Carson has dedicated her Dental Office to giving complete, caring and comprehensive care to every patient. Our cosmetic dental office is located in Agoura Hills at the border of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and easily accessible to most of Southern California. The Art of Exceptional Dentistry Means Comprehensive Dentistry. Our dental practice is like no other you have ever been to. We are a general dental practice that specializes in complex cases with an emphasis on cosmetics. We believe in helping our patients develop a Personalized Dental Plan that will help them keep their teeth for the rest of their lives.

Dr Carson and her cosmetic dentistry team are educated in all aspects of dentistry, including:

Full Mouth Reconstruction: This means when you come in for a visit to our dental office, you will receive comprehensive care that is completely tailored to your case. We take into consideration your goals, health concerns, functional issues and cosmetic desires. Few dentists provide this complete dental service to insure you have the best care possible. Visit our Success Stories page or call to Schedule an appointment to see the difference.

General Dentistry

Don’t you want the best Los Angeles and Ventura County Area Dentist for ANY procedure? General Dentistry has progressed immensely in the past few years. Our General Dentistry Team in Agoura Hills is trained constantly in the latest dental techniques. Our knowledge of Cosmetic Dentistry and Full Mouth Reconstruction means you will get the comprehensive and modern solutions even for general dentistry procedures. Please visit our General Dentistry Services Page to Learn More about the services Integrative Dental Arts offers.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Despite the name, Cosmetic Dentistry should not just be about looks. Our education in comprehensive dentistry makes sure we provide an incredible fit, feel, and function as well as beautiful results. A member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and a fellow in neuromuscular dentistry from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI), Agoura Hills Dentist Dr. Carson and her cosmetic dentistry team have helped create natural looking, functional, and beautiful smiles for California residents from Ventura to Malibu to Los Angeles–our patients even travel to our Agoura Hills office from around the world for incredible cosmetic and functional dental results. We provide an array of dental services including smile makeovers, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. Please call our Thousand Oaks Area Cosmetic Dentistry Office located in Agoura Hills for an appointment or Visit our Cosmetic Dentistry Overview Page to learn more.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular Dentistry is the Best Looking Aesthetically Combined with Best Function. Headaches, worn teeth, and neck aches are all symptoms of issues and the possible need for Neuromuscular Dentistry. Although the name may be intimidating, a Cosmetic Dentist that does not screen you for TMD/TMJ as well as other neuromuscular disorder may be causing more harm than good. Dr. Carson stresses that anyone considering major dental work should be screened for Neuromuscular Issues before proceeding. Learn more by visiting our Neuromuscular Dental Page or scheduling a tour of our dental facility to meet the team to schedule a screening.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Are you considering a Smile Makeover? Have you had a history of dental issues and not sure what you need? A Full Mouth Reconstruction/Rejuvenation may be in order. A full mouth reconstruction means both a beautiful and healthy smile. Dr. Carson wrote a book recently on the subject because it has changed so many of her patient’s lives. 

Caring and Friendly Staff Help Relieve Your Dentistry Fears

Whether you need a cleaning or a full mouth reconstruction, you may be afraid of the dentist or suffering some other dental anxiety, like fear of needles or the sounds of the drill. Our dentistry team does all we can to relieve your anxiety. We are never condescending or judgmental. Our professional dentistry staff understand your fears and have many ways of making your visit easier including pain free injections (The Wand), sedation dentistry and of course, the beautiful mountain scenes from your chair. Come feel the difference at Integrative Dental Arts and experience the Art of Exceptional Dentistry. Contact us today to meet Dr. Carson and the Caring, Friendly and Experienced Dental Staff at Integrative Dental Arts.