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A Natural way to ease your Dental Anxiety

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It’s natural to feel a little nervous about your upcoming trip to the dentist. Some people experience high levels of anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist—even feeling fearful or downright terrified. This condition is known as dental anxiety, and it affects millions of Americans, many of whom see their oral health decline over their fears of dental care. Maybe your condition isn’t that severe, and you’ve just grown tired of getting stressed out over your imminent dental appointment every time it rolls around on the calendar. In that case, Dr. Kathleen Carson sedation dentist in Agoura Hills, is excited to offer NuCalm relaxation dentistry, an exciting new means of calming dental anxiety without any pills, injections, or gas needed.

Anxiety gets old, especially when it reoccurs 

Your autonomic nervous system controls any anxious response—including anything that might trigger your dental anxiety. You have little conscious control over your autonomic nervous system, which includes both the parasympathetic system and sympathetic nervous system. Any time you become anxious, the sympathetic nervous system—which controls the body’s “fight or flight” response kicks in. That can be uncomfortable, especially while sitting in the dental chair and likely being asked to hold still. The activation of the sympathetic nervous system also heightens your pain sensitivity, your reflexes, and just makes you less comfortable as a whole.

NuCalm can help with these feelings of anxiety at your next dental visit 

NuCalm uses neuroscience to shut down the mechanisms of the body that control anxiety and anxious reactions. It starts with a topical cream, which contains a neurotransmitter that prepares your body for sleep. Next, a light microcurrent of electricity is administered to the brain, a method of insomnia relief that has been used widely, and safely, for more than five decades. Then, through headphones, you listen to a soundtrack of music or sound effects of your choice, embedded with special frequencies to slow down your brainwaves comparable to a state of deep meditation or being just on the edge of going to sleep. Finally, we will fit you with an eye mask, blocking out bright light and so that you do not see the equipment being used for your treatment. The cumulative effect activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls rest and healing, sending your body into a relaxed mode.

Natural sedation dentistry in Agoura Hills

NuCalm has proven effective in 95 percent of participants in trials. Your own response to NuCalm in Agoura Hills will depend on your level of anxiety and how receptive you are to this type of treatment. If NuCalm does not effectively relax you for your next dental visit, Integrative Dental Arts also offers oral sedation and IV sedation. Don’t let anxiety or fear keep you from the professional care you need to maintain your oral health.

NuCalm is just the latest way that your Agoura Hills dentists at Integrative Dental Arts seek to provide the highest level of comfortable, comprehensive care. To learn more about NuCalm or any of the other ways we can ease dental anxiety, or to make an appointment, contact our office at (818) 889-0400 to schedule a consultation if you live in the areas of Agoura Hills or Westlake Village in southern California.