look younger without surgery

How Holistic Dentistry can make you look Younger without Surgery

look younger without surgeryThousand Oaks, Agoura Hills and Westlake Village, CA

Are you wishing for a more youthful appearance? Maybe you have considered a facelift but don’t want to go through surgery. There’s a new, non-surgical way to enjoy some of the cosmetic results of a facelift, and it’s provided somewhere you wouldn’t expect: your dentist’s office. If you want to look younger, you should look no further then your smile. Read on to see how Dr. Kathleen Carson of Integrative Dental Arts can use cosmetic dentistry to create a beautiful smile and make you appear younger.

A beautiful smile will make you feel better about yourself, but did you know your teeth or lack thereof could age you?

Our well-trained and highly experienced staff at Integrative Dental Arts knows how to use specialized rejuvenating and restorative techniques to change your smile and, with it, the appearance of your entire face. The procedures involved in “anti-aging” dentistry are different for each individual, depending on their dental needs and how any issues with their teeth have produced visible signs of aging. Wrinkling, for example, can be caused if your facial structure shortens due to wear on your teeth. Bone loss as a consequence of tooth loss can also make your face shorter, thinner, or more hollowed. This bone loss occurs as a long-term consequence of significant tooth loss, such as for denture wearers.

Here’s how your dentist can turn back the clock 

Integrative Dental Arts makes a cosmetic treatment plan specifically for you, taking into consideration your facial structure, your overall physical health, and your oral care needs. We can restore teeth to the correct height, which will help minimize wrinkles that have formed around the mouth and on the lips. Replacing missing teeth with implants or neuromuscular dentures can prevent the sunken-in facial structure that can make you look older. Adding volume to the face or correcting the shape of your teeth also can allow your lips to sit more naturally. We can adjust the length of teeth, or even out your gum line, improving the overall symmetry of the face. This can be achieved through cosmetic bonding, the placement of dental crowns, or a laser gum recontouring.

A full mouth reconstruction can transform your smile, and altering the structure most likely will properly align your teeth and jaw. Jawline improvement usually creates a more pleasing profile. A professional teeth-whitening procedure can brighten your entire smile, while a course of myofunctional therapy can improve the appearance of your face by changing the shape by altering the position of the tongue.

Look younger by upgrading your smile

Don’t let your dental issues age you any longer. If you’re located in the Agoura Hills and Westlake Village areas of Southern California, you don’t have to have plastic surgery to look younger. Integrative Dental Arts provides restorative and cosmetic dentistry to people of all ages and can resolve a wide variety of dental issues. Your mouth’s health is very important, but if our professional staff can make you look good while providing dental care, then shouldn’t we? That’s why you need to contact Integrative Dental Arts to schedule your appointment today or give us a call at (818) 889-0400.