Biocompatible Dental Materials Testing

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Holistic dentistry ensures materials used for treatment will be safe for your whole body, which also means ensuring the materials are compatible with your body. This approach in holistic dentistry is known as biocompatibility of dental materials. Our bodies are not a one size fits all, meaning not every person’s body will react the same way to various materials used in dentistry. With the holistic approach, your dentist will test compatibility of materials prior to treatment. The purpose of materials testing is to minimize toxicity and immune reactivity. Materials used to treat your teeth or gums are likely permanent. Therefore, ensuring compatibility of materials with your body is important when using a holistic approach.

How materials tests are conducted?

Materials compatibility testing is done several ways. One simple way is through blood testing, known as the Cliffords Materials Blood Test, which your dentist can conveniently perform during your visit for treatment. Your blood’s antibodies will be tested to see how it reacts against hundreds of name brand materials used in dentistry. The results of the test will help your dentist narrow down the least toxic and immune reactive materials are best for you. For testing of various metals, like what would be used in crowns and bridges, the dentist may have you simply hold different types to observe any reaction you may experience on your hands.

Electro-dermal screenings (EDS) are another way to test for sensitivity to materials. EDS uses a device that is able to detect the energetic traces of toxins, allergens, and is used to determine what dental materials may put your body off balance and cause a reaction. The test is painless and can be an effective way of determining types of dental materials you may be allergic to, which could over time adversely affect your entire body. EDS also helps determine which materials are best to use specifically for each individual patient.

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