Baby Teeth Extractions

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When your child needs a baby tooth extracted, Integrative Dental Arts is here to help.

When do baby teeth need to be extracted?

Baby teeth should naturally fall out at the appropriate time, but sometimes they need a little help and need to be extracted. One of the most common reasons for a baby tooth extraction is that there is not enough space for permanent teeth to erupt.

Baby teeth certainly play a significant part in your child’s growth and development. However, there may come a time when a permanent tooth becomes more important to your child’s oral health. If a particular baby tooth is preventing a permanent tooth from erupting, a baby tooth may need to be removed.

How do I prepare my child for a baby tooth extraction?

If your child is nervous about his or her appointment, talk to them beforehand. Be sure not to use words such as “hurt” or “pain,” which will only exacerbate their anxiety. Integrative Dental Arts offers sedation dentistry, which can help relax your child during the procedure.

What to expect after the procedure

Extracting a baby tooth yields a small amount of bleeding and little to no discomfort. Your child’s gum at the area of the extraction may be a little tender for a day or two. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help reduce any discomfort. Rinsing with warm salt water will help facilitate the healing process.

Our caring staff will provide you with all necessary post-op care instructions at the time of your child’s appointment. Should you have any questions about your child’s tooth extraction procedure, we invite you to ask those as well.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Integrative Dental Arts today at (818) 889-0400. Dr. Carson looks forward to helping your child begin a lifelong journey of optimal oral health. We welcome patients of Agoura Hills and Westlake Village, California.