replace teeth in a single day

Replacing your Teeth in a Single Day

replace teeth in a single dayThousand Oaks, Agoura Hills and Westlake Village, CA

Are you one of the millions of Americans living with significant tooth loss? Let your Westlake Village implant dentist Dr. Cristina Markiewicz help. Integrative Dental Arts now offers the All on 4 implant system commonly referred to as Teeth in a Day, to replace an entire dental arch of missing teeth in a single day.

If you have lost most of your teeth or a dentist has diagnosed your teeth as being compromised or failing, you may be interested in learning more about the All on 4 system. This revolutionary implant system also may be an attractive tooth replacement option for current denture wearers who are unhappy with their dentures. Here is some information you should know if you are considering this state-of-the-art treatment.

Are the teeth really installed in a single day?

Yes! We start the day off by taking impressions and digital images of your dental arches and any existing teeth. Special measurements also are taken to ensure we can replicate or even improve your bite as to not create teeth that are too long or too short. This information is used as a guide to fabricate your replacement teeth. Then, our experienced implant dentist Dr. Markiewicz strategically places the dental implants into each dental arch receiving treatment. In no time, your single unit of replacement teeth is ready to be installed and permanently attached to your dental implants. You will leave our office with a new set of teeth that give you a completely natural look, and comfortable bite.

Can you really eat anything you want after the All on 4 system is installed?

Absolutely! You may need to maintain a diet of soft foods initially for the first few days until any swelling or discomfort subsides, but once the brief healing process is complete you can eat all your favorite foods once again.

How long will the All on 4 replacement teeth last?

The All on 4 system is designed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Because the replacement teeth are fixed in your mouth, maintenance is easy; just brush and floss them the same way you would your natural teeth. You need to be sure to take care of your gums, as developing gum disease can affect the stability and effectiveness of the replacement teeth.

What if I can’t afford All on 4?

At Integrative Dental Arts, we believe finances never should be the final deciding factor when determining your level of care. As such, our office accepts several types of payment. We also work with third-party financing companies such as CareCredit and Chase Healthcare, as well as certain dental insurance plans, although not all treatments are covered by insurance.

Restore your smile in a single day

Patients who have received the All on 4 system often report a dramatic improvement in their quality of life following the procedure. Dr. Markiewicz and the staff of oral health professionals at Integrative Dental Arts would love to help you restore your smile and regain your former quality of life. Find out more about this exciting treatment option for significant tooth loss by calling (818) 889-0400 to schedule your consultation.

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